Faculties and Academies

Faculty of Law


KTO Karatay University Faculty of Law, founded to educate self-improved, knowledgeable and well-equipped lawyers, gave its first graduates in 2013-2014 academic year.

Our students practice in the courtroom and the virtual court applications.

Law Faculty graduates can have many different jobs such as judge, prosecutor, lawyer, subgovernor, notary and inspector.

Faculty of Engineering

Computer Engineering

The person who designs the architecture of computer hardware, develops software and provides communication within computers and people is called “Computer Engineer”, also the job of managing all these processes is “Computer Engineering “.
Computer Engineering graduates can have jobs in many different sectors such as software / programming, hardware sector, banks, robotics and networking expertise.

Mechanical Engineering

The person who has the professional dominance in designing and producing the items in daily life, and all kinds of things we need in production such as machinery, equipment and process is called “Mechanical Engineer”.

Mechanical Engineering graduates are able to work in many different sectors such as chemistry, automotive, textiles, aircraft and defense industry and construction industry.
Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is an engineering branch that brings materials and construction techniques together in the best way and engages in building plans, construction projects and building audit.
Civil Engineering graduates are able to work in many different areas such as Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, municipalities, R & D units, science parks and related ministries.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Engineering branch which involves the production, transmission, usage and implementation issues of electricity is called ‘Electrical and Electronics Engineering’. Our graduates are able to work in many different occupations like electricity generation and distribution, IT industry, aviation and defence industry.

Mechatronics Engineering

The engineering branch that combines many disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical electronic engineering, and control engineering in order to design useful products is called “Mechatronics Engineering “.
Mechatronics Engineering graduates are able to work in different areas such as automotive industry, medical and surgical equipment, packaging industry, electromechanical systems and robotics.

Industrial Engineering

It is an engineering discipline that develops systems based on preventing problems and solving in order to examine, plan, organize, implement and improve the systems in manufacturing and integrated service sector.

Industrial engineers can work in banking, insurance, consulting, tourism and health sector. They can take part in the organizations like public, trade, service, design, and even industries operating in the military field.

Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences

Business Administration

Rapid change in the processes and methods in business makes a new manager profile mandatory for successful businesses. Business Administration Department is training managers gained necessary knowledge and skills, can think analytically and sensitive to the environment with ethical rules.
Students of Business Administration Department also have the chance to graduate with two diplomas at the end of four-year-education by applying to Double Major Program at the International Trade Department.

International Trade and Logistics

Trade is anactivity that is influenced by the political and social structure of thecountries and it is affected directly from these structures. For this reason;the current progress and the changing conjuncture effects create noticeablefluctuations on trade activities, moreover, the trading system of anethnocentric world due to the globalized nature of the world can cause positiveor negative effects in another country.
Developingintercultural relations among the world’s countries increases the importance ofthe International Trade and Logistic Department from day to day. Our mission isto graduate as a creative commerce specialist who builds on the most accurateform and is able to think analytically in the field of international trade andlogistics, succeed in risk management, and produce optimal solutions throughcourses in the curriculum.
Many graduates fromour department expect to have a lot of managerial opportunities in the sectorwho continue their career planning in the right way. The fact that the numberof trained staff members is small due to the newness of the area will provide agreat advantage in terms of employment for our graduates. One of the most basicrequirements of our department is foreign language and our students, along withenglish, are able to practice themselves in this area by being able to developthemselves in various languages with high validity.

Energy Management

Unparalleled in bachelor degrees in Turkey, Energy Management Department trains qualified people to help to close a deficit in managers in fields such as field management, sectoral relationships, and sustainability. Energy management is a field of disciplined study which is organized in line with productive usage of energy without a decrease in production. It aims to prevent energy losses, to regain waste, and to minimize the consumed energy without decreasing its performance. Energy management graduates can work at research and development institutions, power plants, and institutions which provide finance and insurance to plants.
Students can graduate with 2 diplomas at the end of their 4-year education by applying double major undergraduate programmes at Business Management and International Trade Programmes.

Insurance and Social Security

Insurance and Social Security Department has been started with the intention of meeting the requirements of providing qualified specialists in the fields of insurance and social security.
Graduates can work as specialists and managers at social security and individual retirement institutions and insurance and pension companies. They can also work as analyst, actuary, and stock broker at financial markets with an extra training.

Islamic Economics and Finance

Sense of Islamic economics and finance fascinated the USA and other European countries, most notably the UK in order to recoup after financial crises and to get the capital stock again as a result of seeking new solutions for supplying fund. Around the world, about 40 universities offer Islamic Finance master programs, By starting Islamic Economics and Finance at the level of bachelor degree, KTO Karatay University aims;
• To train qualified people who can have a part in national and international studies,
• To train specialists who can find sustainable solutions against probable multi-dimensional problems in Islamic finance and participation banking and create new models,
• To increase the number of specialists in participation banking and to improve qualifications of personnel,
• To create terminology of Islamic finance and participation banking and to extend recognition of that terminology,
• To build a database for the works about finance and participation banking and to satisfy the need of textbooks.

Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

Social Service

The graduates of this department can work at orphanages, nursery schools, children’s clubs, centres for homeless children, youth centres, higher education dormitories, and medico social centres of universities, domestic relations courts, juvenile courts, branch offices for the security of children, hospitals, psychiatry clinics, health centres, nursing home, nursing services, and rehabilitation services for the aged.


KTO Karatay University trains psychologists who contribute to the improvement of psychology education by producing basic and applied studies that are not only universal but also appropriate for our culture.
The graduates of this department can work at hospitals, policlinics, mental health centres, special education centres, kindergartens, nursing homes, universities, primary and elementary schools, juvenile and family courts, jails, and youth detention centres, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, and psychotechnics centres.
Those who can manage to take pedagogical formation can apply for the positions of teaching psychology as teachers and psychological counsellors. In addition, if they do master’s in the department of clinical psychology they can work at different medical institutions and private sector as clinical psychologists.


Those who work in the fields of sociology are called sociologists. A lot of sociologists can do useful researches apart from academic researches. They lend assistance to educationists, lawgivers, administrators, innovators, leaders of the professional life, and people who are interested in solving social problems and generating social policies.
KTO Karatay University’s Department of Sociology enhances the students’ possibility of comprehending the world and society they live in.


Those who are interested in the creation history of themselves and the world, have a tendency to learn about social sciences, want to learn about the culture and civilization story of the world, wonder how to contribute to world peace by means of the principles of living together as a society should study history.
Students of this department study History Methodology, Turkish and Islamic History, Ottoman History, Ottoman Palaeography and Diplomatics, and Europe in the Medieval Age.
Graduates of this department can have an academic career and work as history teachers. They can work at Paper Offices, General Directorate for Foundations and the Ministry of Culture. They can also work at the centres of culture, press, communication, and tourism.

Communication Design and Management

In progress.

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine trains young doctors who are aware of the responsibilities of this prestigious profession and aim to be the best in their areas of specialization.
In the first year of our faculty, lectures of basic medical sciences are given. Beginning from the second and third years, lectures of basic medical sciences and preparation to clinical medicine and basic clinic are given increasingly with an integrated program. In the fourth and fifth years, our students study on the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases via applied training at KTO Karatay University Medicana Hospital. In the sixth year, before their graduation, students take responsibilities of patient care as interns and complete their education.
Our graduates can work at public and private health institutions with the title of medical doctor or they can work in their own clinics as general practitioners. General practitioners wishing to receive medical specialty education are able to go on their education at Ministry of Health Training and Research Hospital or University Hospitals with the examination for specialty in Medicine (TUS) and they can get the title of “specialist physician”.

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design

Traditional Turkish Arts

Department of Traditional Turkish Arts trains dynamic and enterprising artists that are competent at national and international level.
Graduates of the department can work at National Palaces, General Directorate of Foundations, municipalities, museums and libraries that are affiliated with various public institutions as restaurateur, expert and artist.


Department of painting is an art major that leads the painting art to an effective and common position with the individuals trained. Besides, it has proved its existence at an international level with art studies, projects and practices.
Our department will be able to carry the interaction that will be formed within the body of university to the whole country and international area thanks to its contemporary structure.


The Department of Architecture training students to attain the skills of making use of technological tools, competitiveness in international arena, awareness for environment and history.
Students of the Department of Architecture have the opportunity to do double major with the Department of Interior Architecture on meeting the required conditions during their studies.
The graduates of this department have the chance to find a job in municipalities, government offices, civil engineering and companies and various related offices.

Interior Design

The Department of Interior Design helps students explore their creative aspects and turn it into inspiring living environments via using technology.

Students of the Department of Interior Design have the opportunity to do double major with the Department of Architecture on meeting the required conditions during their studies.

The graduates can be recruited by the Ministry of Environment, municipalities, private companies and universities.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Department trains students in various fields such as banners, illustrations, animation, cartoons and industrial graphics.

Advertising agencies, graphic and design offices, printing houses, television channels, photography studios and web design companies are among the places where our graduates do career.

Academy of Medical Sciences


The department of Audiology teaches students how to tackle properly with the problems of hearing and balance.

The graduates of this program can be recruited as audiologist in private and public hospitals.


The department of Nursing trains students to be a nurse aiming for protecting and promoting the health of family and in addition to give health care service by determining individual needs.

The graduates can work as service nurse , service chief nurse, chief nurse of hospital or administrator of nursing services in private or public health care foundations.

Child Development

Child Development Department trains students to make the child development experts being stick to ethical values, having the ability of family counseling, besides evaluating the mental, lingual, motor, social, sensory development, self-care and skills of children between 0-18 who shows normal development as well as disabled children, childrenat- risk, children in need of protection, and working children.

The graduates can get a job in public hospitals, family health centers, private educational institution linked to Ministry of Education, Counseling Research Centers as well as academic staff in associate degree, BA degree and MA degree programs of universities.


This department aims to train students to be a qualified delivery nurse who is capable of checking up on prenatal care of mother and fetus ,providing care of mother and infant at the moment of delivery, managing normal delivery and responsible of episiotomy besides tackling with the internal and surgical problems.

The graduates of this program can work in public hospitals linked to Ministry of Health and universities’ research hospitals ,health centers, centers for family planning and maternal-infant health as well as family practice centers in private hospitals. Furthermore, they can work freely on condition of opening health cabinets in private hospitals and policlinics.

Nutrition and Dietetics

The graduates of this program can get the title of “dietitian” after having completed successfully four years education.

Dietitians can get a job in hospitals, medical centers, food analysis labs, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, eventide homes, nursery schools rehabilitation centers and all companies working on food.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

The working area of this occupation varies and the need of physical therapist increases day by day. Physical therapists provide service in the fields from neurology, cardiology, pulmonology, pediatry, hydroclimatology, physical medicine , rheumatology, orthopedics and traumatology ,hand surgical, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery to neurosurgery.

A physical therapist can work in public, private university hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, sports clubs industrial plants, public health services, rehabilitation at home, rehabilitation centers, eventide homes, thermal hotels, municipalities, handicapped facilities and primary healthcare centers.

Academy of Applied Sciences

Pilot Training

Academy of Foreign Languages

Translation and Interpreting (ENG-TUR)
Translation and Interpreting (ARA-TUR)