Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there a chance for a foreigner to earn any scholarships?
A: Other than provided by your own counties, you might be granted a scholarship based on your YÖS exam conducted by KTO Karatay University, i.e. Foreign Student Exam.

Q: Once I get a scholarship, will it be permanent, i.e. under which circumstances are my scholarship is rendered invalid?
A: If the cumulative grade average (CGPA) of a student falls below 2.00 for the first time, the student is warned in writing and if the student falls below 2.00 for the second time, scholarships will be cut.

Q: Can I have more than one scholarship?
A: In case you have earned more than one scholarships, the one which is higher will be used. Scholarships aren’t added on.

Q: What are the question types of scholarship exam?
A: Scholarship exam is composed of 60 questions for Verbal and Numerical Sections from Turkish, 60 questions from Mathematics and Logic; 60 questions for Translation-Interpreting departments from foreign languages (Arabic-English); Special Talent Exam for departments which accept students through a Special Talent Exam.

Q: How do you calculate the scholarship ratio?
A: For the final score of scholarship exam, the effect of the scholarship exam score is 50%, the effect of the high school diploma grade is 25%, and the interview score is 25%. According to the results of scholarship exam, applicants who score 55 or over out of 100, are eligible to gain scholarships by their results within scholarship quotas.

Q: Is the scholarship exam compulsory for enrollment, can I apply in any case without scholarship exam?
A: Yes, you can still apply. Applications for students who do not take the scholarship exam are evaluated within the paid quotas (none scholarship).

Q: What are the Quotas, Scholarship Rates and Tuition Fees?
A: For answer click here.


Q: Who can apply for KTO Karatay University?
A: a) Foreign nationals,
b) Turkish citizens at birth, those who are allowed to leave the Turkish nationality from the Ministry of the Interior and who certify that they have a document on the use of the rights recognized by Turkish citizenship law of underage children registered in the Turkish nationality,
c) While a foreign national / dual nationality holder, those who acquired citizenship and became a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
d) Turkish citizens who completed the secondary education in a foreign country except for the TRNC,
e) Citizens of TRNC residing in TRNC and who have completed secondary education in the TRNC along with holding a GCE AL exam result and those applicants who studied in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010 and holding a GCE AL exam result or prospective holders of a GCE AL exam result can apply for KTO Karatay University.

Q: How can I apply for KTO Karatay University?
A: You can apply by clicking “apply now”

Q: What are the documents required for application?
A: 1) Only one application form even if the applicant applies for more than one program of different faculties and colleges,
2) Photocopy of the applicant's high school diploma or certificate showing that he/she is in the last grade (English or Turkish)
3) A photocopy of Turkish transcript of the applicant's high school diploma showing the lessons and grades the candidate has attained, certified by the high school principal, notarized or approved by the Turkish authorities abroad,
4) Photocopy of the English or Turkish pages showing the identity information of the applicant's passport, notarized or approved by the Turkish authorities abroad / Photocopy of identity document,
5) One passport-size photograph
6) Bank receipt showing that the application fee has been paid. The application fee (100₺) can be deposited at the Financial Affairs Coordinatorship of our university or at the IBAN number listed below. (Name and surname must be written in the description section.)
The account number to pay the application fee in Turkish Lira: TR23 0001 2001 3240 0016 1000 12 HALK BANKASI Aziziye Şubesi / KONYA. 7) Copy of examination result or diploma.

Q: If there are missing documents in my application, is my application evaluated?
A: Incomplete applications are not evaluated.

Q: Are your undergraduate programmes in English language?
A: The only undergraduate faculty that offers %30 English courses is Faculty of Engineering except for Industrial Engineering.

Q: Is English preparatory class compulsory in programs with 30% English?
A: Students of Engineering Faculty can sit for an English Exemption Exam. If they pass, they can start their undergraduate studies. If they fail, they have to study English Preparatory Class for a year.

Q: How long does an undergraduate program last?
A: Undergraduate programs last for 4 years unless failed. Faculty of Engineering has one year-long English preparatory class which can be skipped if you pass the exemption exam.
Faculty of Medicine lasts for 6 years.

Q: How much is the annual tuition fee for programs?
A: Tuition fee is 8.500$ per year for Faculties of Law, Fine Arts and Design, Engineering; 6,000$ for the Faculties of Business and Administrative Sciences, Social and Human Sciences; 5,500$ for Academy of Medical Sciences; 4,500$ for Vocational School of Healthcare Services, Vocational School of Justice. For English Preparatory Classes, the tuition fee is 6.000$. Only for Medicine School, the cost of tuition for international students is 16.000$ per year.

Q: How can I find out the result of my application?
A: The results of the pre-evaluation will be sent to the student by e-mail 1 (one) week after the application. The results will be announced on our website.


Q: What is the medium of instruction?
A: The medium of instruction in all faculties is Turkish but engineering, which is %30 English (except for Industrial Engineering.)

Q: If I don’t speak Turkish, can I still apply for KTO Karatay University?
A: Yes, you can. But students who will apply for KTO Karatay University’s programs are expected to have a good Turkish Language level. So, before starting studying in any faculty except for Faculty of Engineering which offers courses partially in English, you will need to have a preliminary education of Turkish Language at KTO KARDİL or Yunus Emre Institute Turkish Proficiency Exam.

Q: How much does it cost and how long does it take to study Turkish in KTO KARDİL?
A: Every course lasts for one and a half months (6 weeks) and each will cost you 1100₺. You can get A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 levels. If you are an undergraduate student C2 will be free of charge. Education materials are included in the fee.

Q: What is the cost of English Preparatory Program?

Q: What is the cost of English Prep. Program?
A: The cost of English Preparatory Program is 6000$


Q: Can I find a cheap housing alternative in the neighbourhood?
A: There are many studio flats and apartment for rent. In addition, you can stay in dormitories both in the city centre and in our campus. The rent should be between 250 and 300$ monthly but it may change depending on the features of the apartment.

Q: What is the cost of housing provided by the university?

Room For 4 Persons 7.000,00 TL* 6.500,00 TL*
Room For 2 Persons 11.000,00 TL* 10.250,00 TL*
Room For 1 Person 20.000,00 TL* 18.500,00 TL*

* These are annual prices. They may change in the years ahead.
* If you prefer payment in installments;
a) You can pay up to 9 installments by Halkbank ParafKart.
b) You can Issue a bill by 1+7 installments and pay in person.

Living Costs

Q: How much do I need per month?
A: It may change depending on the students’ lifestyles. The range is almost 400-500$ per month