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The First and Only CERN Alice Member Turkish University

Which aspects and secrets of material are to be illuminated through CERN Alice Experiment?

Four main experiments have been carried out in the accelerator in CERN. In the ALICE Experiment, designed to analyze Quark Gluon Plasm, the unknown aspects of material are tried to be identified by colliding atomic nucleus under a very high temperature and with a speed that is so close to the lightspeed.

Normally, the quarks dwelling in the protons and neutrons of an atom are very difficult to study. However, when a given level of heath is reached, it is possible to explore the unknown aspects of quarks. Additionally, this collision will enable the scientists to explore new particles and matter and antimatter relations will be examined. It is almost inevitable to reach some revolutinary findings in physics.

New Generation Devices by Future Engineers of KTO Karatay University

Young Engineers New Technologies

Our future engineers have been representing us in various national alternative energy competitions such as electomobile races with the car DORU, solar power car races with KARA-TAY and hydropower competitions with HIDROMAX.

Producing Drones

Our project is a competitor in TUBITAK’s (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) drone final races in September 2016.

Sector Counselling: Ahi Culture Is Reviving

Masters are meeting with apprentices! Within the “Sector Consulting” project, the experienced leaders of the business and industrial world, who are also members of The Konya Chamber of Commerce are coupled with the related department for each first year student. These consultants work in cooperation with the academic advisors of students. Then, students turn what they learn in classrooms into practice with the help of their Sector Consultants.

Thanks to the sector counselling program, our students have detailed knowledge of the area they will be working on in the future and observe the markets more closely. After graduation, our students do not have a problem of integration for their business life. Our students can do their compulsory internship programs at the firms that are members of the Sector Counselling Project. Within the scope of this project, a total of 512 students were matched with a sector consultant in the 2015-2016 academic year. This program which includes 118 companies and 12 academic advisors contributes to the realization of university-industry collaboration.

Career Development Office

In addition to the formal education provided in the classrooms and laboratories, our university aims to enrich students with a variety of training programs for their career goals. The goal of KTO Karatay University is primarily to conduct training and research in order to solve the problems of industry and trade in the region. Other aims of the university are to have qualified graduates in order to become a university that stands out in the international arena.

Our Career Development Office aims to improve the knowledge and skills of our students by establishing their career consciousness from their first day in our campus. Our office supports our students and graduates through individual interviews. While helping our graduates in their career plans, we also ensure that current students take strong steps in their careers.