Vocational Schools

Vocational School of Healthcare Services


This department aims to graduate medical personnel being qualified enough to work in hemodialysis centers where chronic renal insufficiency patients get medical treatment.

Dialysis technician can get a job in all public or private medical institutions, hospitals and health centers.

Physical Therapy

The need of qualified technician goes up day by day thanks to developing technical innovations and renewing sectorial innovations. Thus, the assistant to physical therapist is highly needed.

Physical therapy technician graduates can get a job in a wide business network such as public and private hospitals, municipalities, university hospitals, thermal facilities, private clinics, sports clubs, eventide homes. In addition, public and university hospitals hire a large amount of employee in this field.

Child Development

Child Development training has been among the most preferred programs in Turkey. In order to get the title of Health Technician in this field a two years strict training is necessary.

Gradutes have the chance to transfer to 4 years program in the same field or Pre-School Training department. Rehabilitation centers for children, kindergartens and nurseries are among the places those need Child Development graduates.

First and Immediate Aid

In progress.


In progress.

Medical Imaging Techniques

In progress.

Vocational School of Justice

Vocational School of Justice

KTO Karatay University Vocational High School of Justice aims to train qualified members of profession having law knowledge on the fields that public and private sector seek for.

The graduates of this program can be recruited in courthouses, enforcement offices, department of corrections, law offices, notary’s offices within the scope of Ministry of Justice and law departments of public and private institutions.

The graduates can get the position of chief clerk or sub-editor in courthouses, a bailiff or assistant bailiff, executive manager or administrative assistant of correction department, clerk of court, crier, custodian, enforcement clerk, notary’s clerk.

Vocational School of Trade and Industry

Foreign Trade
Computer Programming
Civil Aviation Cabin Services